Sunday, November 11, 2007

a nice week on november

this past week i have spent some considerable amount of time with a large American dude. What do those guys feed on back there. anyway, the guy is generally a gentle giant and was quite a company. in the short time is i have probably heard the most number of 'thank you' , 'sorry to bother you' ,'appreciated','awesome','amazing' , 'extra ordinary' and other soul lifting words in any one sitting in my life. but one other thing that made me jivunia kuwa mkenya was how the gentle giant appreciated the cup of coffee or tea each time he took one. and went on and on about just how nice the drink felt. at one point i had to take a special cup of tea just to try and get that feeling he was getting but to me it was the same old tea.

elsewhere, MSC price has dropped a massive 67% to 14 or has it? many people both in the office and elsewhere have been asking me whether its not time to sell. my simple answer has been that this is not time to sell anything. its actually a great time to buy anything. why? since for many reasons, people are selling. those who don't have confident in ODM government prospects as well as those who want to liquidate their shares to fund elections, manage inflation etc.
However on the other hand MSC is at the point of investing. any company which is in the process of expansion offers the best buy decision. you are meant to sell when a company is maturing and ripe. secondly, the price of MSC hasnt dipped, what has happened is that investors have treated the bonus as a split. so in real terms the price is still 14 x 3 = 42

another good news is that PNU has finally bitten the bullet and embraced majimbo after all. reminds me of my kids.
and now that all parties will embrace majimbo i think am spoilt for choice.

and belatedly, if you are a member of any sacco then you may want to consider participating in the private placement of CIC insurance company. the firm is being sold at quite a good discount.


  1. Thanks 4 the offer but Kibaki has not given me anything that i dint work for.

    By the way,do u notice how good u are at tactfully avoiding the issue n getting personal?

    Stick to the argument & dont be a pussy...

  2. these jaluo unless the foreskin is cut they just utter shit. utter shit.
    Ode.. what Mr foreskin?

  3. The two annonymous posts above are very uncalled for. Odegle is entitled to his views as a Kenyan, his blog is very entertaining and should not be used as way to bash other kenyans.
    If you read this post, he is quite open to voting for Kibaki, Raila or Kalonzo as they are all singing the majimbo song.
    Once again Mr Anonymous the last post was despicable.

  4. As much as I disagree with Odegle(and I often do),he is entitled to his views as someone has rightly said. Not sure who said "I may disagree with you but I would die defending your right to say it."

    Its rather sad-the politics of ethnicity continue to dot the landscape. Just wondering what foreskins have to do with brain matter?Maybe I am too daft.

  5. @annon, your post doesnt seem to be in response to the post. and thank you for the flattery, but i have never considered myself that tactful. in fact i hate myself for being too forthright and blunt.

    which issue do you think am avoiding?

    @2nd annon, read todays post. it will give you some insight.

  6. @minto,well said and thumbs!

    @3rd annon, thank you for being you!


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