Tuesday, July 10, 2007

sharing the wealth

Safaricom is not finished with innovation and expansion. they have re-introduced and re-branded simu ya jamii where they are giving the vendors a really great deal. the handset costs only 6000 and you are also given free branding and 1000 airtime. on top of that Safaricom will give you a margin of 7 bob for each minute.
The problem with is that safaricom themselves long killed the simu ya jamii market with their bamba 50 as well as cheap mobile phones meaning that more pple are able to get phones and load airtime. However for the very creative people who can walk around and 'hawk' the SYJ as its called in the market and such like places. the deal is deadly!
By the way did you notice that Safaricom quietly re branded itself and acquired a new sweet logo?

still on safaricom, Mpesa agents are required countrywide. the money transfer thing has really hit the market hard but the problem where Akamba bus service still beats them pants down is the distribution. the margins are low for the agency business but with numbers, millionaires are going to be made by safcom just as it happened with the airtime dealers


  1. Hi Odegle, do you have any info on M-pesa dagents in terms of requirements and commisiions? I''m seriously considering setting up shop.
    How well do they do?

  2. the mpesa agents i hear do quite well. the margins are small though. its a business of numbers. if you have the numbers you get the quid. the basic requirements is that you should have two outlets and be ready to deposit initial 100,000 for transfering back and forth. the other is that you should have s computer and a phone. All the best

  3. Odegle: can you give me more details on how one can get to be part of this re-branded simu ya jamii business? one thing i discovered about simu ya jamii is that they are like pyramid schemes, the earlier you get into them the better. i think its a technology issue. Although safaricom killed profitability in the simu ya jamii business, the potential is still there. there is still a large majority of the kenyan population that is still underserved. keep me posted.

  4. Ok i know someone who can help you. if you want to apply then you can write to this guy :

    he is called charles. I agree that there are still some new millionaires to be made through simu ya jamii

  5. It seems the mpesa concept is going to be a serious gravy train for safaricom. If it's true that there's a great demand for agents, you can imagine what this does for rural economy in terms of employment, adding to the money flow. Wonder what the effect will be once urban guys can pay for utilities using mpesa...

  6. Safcom is also looking into doing the M-pesa and Sambaza here in the UK have noticed the latter is already in place but with lower uptake. cant wait for the M-pesa to arrive



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