Thursday, July 26, 2007

enterprising kenyans in the diaspora!

I wonder what bloggers take of the story hitting the headlines recently about Kenyans defrauding the US govt of millions of shillings in tax claims. in fact today one daily has reported that the fraud was in terms of billions. this is a pure embarrassment to our govt who just recently announced a huge foreign income mostly from these same Kenyans. how does it feel as a government to know that most of the money that comes to the country was stolen from pensioners in the US. it portrays Kenya very badly. and if this was only in Kansas, then how many more will be discovered in other states and countries? I have been reliably told that Kenyans easily make it big in the US of A not only from their hard work but more from the fact that in that great nation, lying is as uncommon as truth in Kenya. am told that Americans don't expect people to lie so anything you tell them they swallow hook line and sinker. on the contrary, Kenyans don't expect you to believe what they tell you since 70% of what you are told are lies. no wonder when a person in the position of president lied to hios close friends in 2002, people did not condemn the president but rather the persons who were duped. even when he lied to 30 + million kenyans, it was still taken to be as normal as breathing. in fact this month has been a month of great discovery to me. i found out that 60% of my so called close friends told me lies a whooping 85% of the times mostly to manipulate and take advantage of me. but i digress. am told that Americans also expect people to be self respecting and to respect the elderly. stealing from such people is unthinkable. that i understand is the reason Americans were annoyed at Clinton. it was not so much about the affair, but rather that he lied and under oath!

so Kenyans abroad have been lying about their status, their education, their identity and anything else they can lie about and since Americans don't expect it, they never do proper background checks.

back to the story of the fraud. this is not the first case am told but probably the first of such magnitude to be brought to court. should the US authorities feel stupid and want to dig deeper and wider, more kenyans may be nabbed in other forms of fraud and schemes and i wonder what that would mean to the genuine ones who want to get real education and do real jobs there.

but reports from the Kenyan property market suggest that the interest in the same from investors abroad has been very encouraging and during the first ever property expo, the response was superb. only that e-er er hm. the property developers would definitely be lying about the target completion dates of their projects some by a massive 3 years!


  1. telling lies in kenya is a art of living {a way of life for 90% of kenyans - including pastors}. we speak lies; breath lies; eat lies; drink lies and dream lies 24/7. you will be surprised even among the blog community how much lies are pleddled left and right.
    but we can't blame them; the west too lie to us. in bid big ways. we lie to them in small ways. its a near zero-sum game.

  2. True dat Ka-investor. How much has the west stolen from Africa? Those guys didn't use guns to steal but brains!!!! Kudos to them.

  3. Odegle,
    Its not that the Americans lie less, the system here operates differently.

    As long as you plan to continue living in the country, they trust that you will be responsible when doing stuff like taking out loans and paying them back, being truthful about your work experience and education, filing tax returns, your legal status etc because it benefits you to do that

    Criminal records and bad credit can screw you forever

    But if you have no intention of living here, then the rules are very different.

    American prison population surpasses 2 million, the highest incarceration rate in the world. - 18k - Cached - Similar pages

  4. @ka-investor, i am learning the hard way to deal with these lies. somehow i was brought up to believe in telling the truth and so the slow realization is really taking a toll

    @anon, ouch that is harsh. just wondering whether that justifies stealing from helpless sick pensioners.

    @alexcia, thank you for that revelation. it appears then that they are forced to tell the truth. but the statistic on prison is interesting. 2 million prisoners out of a population of 300 million translating to 0.67% i wonder what the global average is

  5. Alexcia: Just coz other countries dont incarcerate their crooks does not mean they are fewer crooks!

    Odegle is right... %s make better comparisons than absolute numbers... I wonder how many prisoners China has... though... I like their system for real serious crimes... hang 'em!

    In Kenya, we have all these thieves running free... including pattni, murungaru, somaia, and a 100 others!

  6. Sad that lying is the name of the game. Fortunately, odegs, I give you the chance to tell the truth. I've tagged you, see my blog for details.

  7. I was checking out kenyan stuff on You Tube the other day and came across Kenya shops; there was a couple video clips and one of them was about CFW Shops, Franchising pharmacy in Africa. I wrote to the guy - the guy behind the franchise is an Americans. It bothered me that anyone with money can open an outlet to sell medicine to wanainchi. The guy hasn't replied to me and I'd kindly request you to write a post on this issue. I wanted to know from the guy if the owners of these outlets have been to medical schools or nursing colleges. I also wanted to know if the ministry of health has permitted them to give injections and sell what they are calling "cheap and affordable medicine". Does the government recognise these outlets and do they have the right storage facilities for medicine? How do they dispose their daily medical waste? I'll highly appreciate if you do a post on this cos Im worried that this might be another form of dumping S**t medicine in Africa.
    Thanking you.

  8. @mwasjd, i have seen the tag cheers

    @anon, i have not heard about this franchise. al research on it first

  9. America is a country of double standards....only that corruption and fraud are so well executed that only a small percentage is discovered. The kenyans in Kansas were just not lucky or bright enough to cover their path.


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