Tuesday, July 24, 2007

more 'good' things in the market

conventional wisdom states that among the asset classes, money markets would normally be more stable hence less risky than equity markets. well that only means that they would also offer lower returns. on that same breath we are told that most equity portfolios returned an average of 40% last year. the year which was touted as the best of all the narc years as far as investments were concerned. if you work out crude mathematics, that would translate to about 3.5% per month. though we all know that its not as simple as that. this year has been a bad year for most and people don't expect much. enough 'investors' have lost their money to cleverer people in pyramids. indeed in an earlier post i had mentioned that money only flows from the dumb to the sharp.

But now this very year, some other sharp people are giving investors a dream profit. they call themselves softlaw, you give them 2000 USD and then sign with them an agreement, either to earn a flat 400 USD per month for six months or to share gains or losses 50% a piece with them when they occur. softlaw i gather from their website is associated with karanja who for sometime tried to market a get rich quick scheme involving forex called Genius Executive Centre. for me it was too sugary and i gave it up. doctors say sugar isn't good for your health, be it physical or financial. but i know many people who are there. they have opened US dollar accounts with banks to process the investment
no comment on their prospects. just a wonder that such people still exist in Kenya.
Elsewhere its apparent that the nse is slowly waking up from the long slumber. some counters have registered real significant gains over the past month. eg ARM, BBK, KPLC etc, more others are also showing signs of coming up with time. i suppose that the explosion of last year may repeat itself next year after elections are held and boys have been separated from the men. the clever guys are rushing to buy this year so that they can sell to the dumb next year.

on another note, i have been musing over the question of discrimination, its clear that many people face discrimination as long as they are few. such people include, the strong (physically), the intelligent (in fact these are the most discriminated people on earth. everyone is scared of them due to their brilliance and yet they are quite rare) survival for any body facing this vice is always herculean. i need to read more on that


  1. I have seen alot of people who are not qualified offering investment advise. Karanja is not a certified Financial Advisor nor does he have any investment education. I would not trust someone like that with my money especially without a prospectus , but then again this is Kenya where people do not care about such things.

  2. GEC is a nice idea... I actually like the concept... Have you been to their offices?

  3. i've been to the GEC-forex site on the web.they claim to be able to teach forex trading in 1 month,thats a tall one.forex does promise instant wealth,but unless you always draw 7-7-7 at the casino or are an expert risk manager (if that breed exists) steer clear...otherwise GEC itself isn't bad at all.

  4. anybody who can give 20% monthly profit?

  5. Hi.
    Your comments on Genius are troubling. Two collegues of mine have said it works well but I haven't actually met anyone who has had a full run of their contract. I was planning to invest next month..but I wouldn't want to go into something that isn't straightforward. Are you saying that Genius Forex is a pyramid scheme?

  6. Hi,

    Just saw your comments and wished to clarify some things:

    1. GEC and Genius Forex are different entities. Genius Executive Centre (GEC) is a centre that offers office solutions for startups. It has no relation to Genius Forex apart from Genius Forex being one of its tenants.

    2. Genius Forex does not accept deposits. There is no way we benefit from our services unless we trade profitably on our client's accounts - we cannot be a pyramid scheme. We have two services: Forex Managed Accounts and Forex Training. The Managed Accounts currently on offer do not promise any returns and apart from Genius Forex being the ones who make decisions on what to buy or sell, the money remains fully within the control of the investor.

    Most of our clients however are those wishing to educate themselves on forex. We have a one-day seminar, a one week investor program, and a 6 month money manager program. Our training is based on our own experience which we believe is adequate to provide someone with the skills they require to get started trading forex. In addition our forum: http://www.forexkenya.com/forexforum gives the public an opportunity to share and discuss forex investments.

    3. Forex trading is a high-risk, high return business, and I've personally experienced both extremes. My experience is what I share so that others may avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the benefits.

    You're welcome to contact me if you require more information on info@forexkenya.com


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