Monday, June 11, 2007

Powers of love

last week, i heard a lot about rugby, safari sevens and associated fun. my nephew who is a die hard rug fun wasted no opportunity he had to prepare me for the ultimate adrenaline rush. it was supposed to be the sports event of the year and there was no way i could miss it. he even 'bribed' me with the story about extremely gorgeous girls who also attend the tournament. on top of that there would be mad entertainment at the village . Well all that worked very well to prepare me for this great day. i have never attended any and this was going to be a very good first time. i like first time things. that alone makes my adrenaline rush. So you can imagine that everyone i know , got to know about my intention to go watch the game and come Saturday, i was all prepared and ready. I even got a complementary ticket by some struck of fate. i then started out to the Ngong road venue. I was heading to the venue, when i got this call from my long time thespian friend Kodhek. he told me that Kakamega high school were presenting their play The Composition at the national theater. On top of that they would present 3 dances, two other award winning plays, poems and mimes. The entry was only 300 bob! I cant remember what happened but i know that the car refused to go ahead but instead opted to do a U-turn and head straight to National Theatre.

Sure enough the kings of schools drama festival were preparing the stage for the presentations. and even their thespian/principal Oliver Munishi was with them. i later learnt that the event was really a launch of the old boys association of Kakamega African Government School. It was a very good evening, and i got to know that Kach has really churned out some great men in the country. ie, Najib Balala, who was also the chief guest, Ochilo ayako, Japheth shamala, Dr. Khaminwa, etc not forgetting the current vice president Moody Awori! The launch also saw the launch of the website, and we saw pictures of the old school. pictures which am sure must have given the old boys some great nostalgic moments. people really cheered especially when the picture of the gate, the dining hall and dormitories came up. Rufftone (omundu strong), who is also a young old boy of Kach then gave us a lip synced version of his new song Tsinyanga Tsiwere before the boys gave a real good account of themselves with a dramatized luhya dance. Ruftone first stage performed at kakamega high school and he said that it was the principal , Mr. Oliver who gave him the confidence to rap during a dramatized dance.

However going back to the pictures of the school, one gets a sick feeling. how is it that the structures look that bad when great people have been churned time and again from the school. i think we need to develop a culture of giving back to the community especially schools. That school badly needs even a fresh coat of paint. thankfully Balala started with giving a pledge of 30 million shilling for new dormitories.


  1. I remember you saying sports isn't your thing, but chosing KNT school presentations over Safari Sevens is another level altogether. Respect!


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