Tuesday, June 12, 2007

KCB does it

Its hats off to KCB for bagging the AI index award. According to Business Daily , the bank beat strong challenge from Orascom, MTN etc.

Elswhere, speculation is high on the possibility of HF going the Equity way since CDC is not keen to exercise its rights when the offer comes up. When you go to HF you realize that the institution is very experienced in the lucrative mortgage industry. what one wonders is how come they allowed so much competition to come in. as it is now, HF though quite flexible still does not want to take any huge risks and still offers their home loans at very high rates. At 15.75% they compare badly with Stanbic at 11.5% and even stanchart at 13.75%.

more speculation; what will the finance minister do to us this Thursday? more taxation or less? KRA has not been meeting targets lately. its unlike 2 years ago when the employees were almost always assured of the bonus which came as a result of beating targets. this past two years have been bad. I am hoping that the good minister would give more incentives especially in the housing segment in order to encourage more savings. more creativity may be required to net more tax. ie widen the net further as opposed to steeping it.

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