Friday, June 15, 2007

A development Budget

Overall, i must say the budget was impressive with the minister massaging most of the important growth areas such as ICT, transport and energy sectors. I was also impressed by the fact that contrary to what others feel, the ministers speech had very little political leaning and mostly dwelt on how to achieve the coveted status of a newly industrialized nation. Very good incentives for those in the low cost houses. An area which has truly been begging for attention. Also better terms for the pensioners as the taxes are removed. Also impressive is the focus on the common man ie by focusing on the SACCOs, women and youth. I think in this regard women are the greatest beneficiaries since they will benefit as youth (upto 35 years) and as women. Also the recruitment of more teachers is hugely welcome. its a known fact that teachers are the catalyst of rural economic growth. Like in an earlier post this year, most rural economies start with the teachers. The increase of policemen is a clear indication of focus on provision of security. however more should be done in this area. the police should be managed better and they should focus more on preventing crime instead of arresting young pple for not carrying their ID cards!

right now, focus of the investor and business public should be on how to reap the maximum benefits from these measures instead of trashing the budget and terming it an election campaign strategy!!!

a full speech can downloaded from the Treasury website

elsewhere i think we need to congratulate kipsigis Teachers Sacco on the completion of their Hospital. I think this is a great achievement by the teachers. the hospital located along the sotik-Kericho road is really a statement of determination, good management and foresight. It is a sure sign that SACCOs and like minded societies are great savings and investment avenues.

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  1. I was hoping that they would take up Kalonzo's pitch on reducing income taxes, but all in all, I consider it a positive PR exercise for the current govt ahead of elections, keep everything looking rosy so there's no need for economic conscious Kenyans to vote otherwise.


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