Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What constitutes your working style?

Many times we come across working environments that change our lives, inspire passion for certain work styles or reorient our strengths – yet we hardly systematically appreciate the impacts made. There are successful professional with performance track records but who cannot conceptually explain what makes them be what they are appreciated for.

Here are two samples of interview answers. What makes you the professional you are?

Answer 1:  I am an ambitious hardworking and disciplined person who makes sure that all work expectations are met. (These are more of work attributes than conceptual derivatives of experience and acquired knowledge. Your personality makes you a successful professional. You do not have consciously formed work styles).

Answer 2:  While working at DRT Pharmaceutical, I was assigned a unique team that was composed of highly specialized people. I feared handling them because I was more of a generalists than them. With time I was able to facilitate them working together without having to direct their technical delivery. From then I have acquired appreciation for facilitative management that works through empowering people to do best what they are good at. This is my characteristic working style. (You have explored only one work style that really applies to the scenario that you have explained. Does this apply to the position you are applying for?).

What have you learnt over the years or successfully applied that typifies how you choose to handle you professions? What exactly apart from your personality?

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