Thursday, January 05, 2012


Too Blunt -  Less Styled

Caller 1;            Hallo, can I talk to the Human Resources Manager
Receptionist:     Hold on
(Transferring to the department Assistant)
HR Assistant: How could I help you?
Caller1: can I talk to the HR Manager?
HR Assistant: May I know who is on the line?
Caller1: I am Michael Mwangi
HR Assistant: Michael Mwangi from? (Bad English – don't mind)
Caller 1: From within Nairobi, town.
HR Assistant: Does she expect your call; or rather what is it regarding?

(Behold you have been trapped – your have to justify yourself to be connected)

Less formal Tactful and Cheerful

Caller 2;            May I talk to Andrew
HR Assistant:    May I ask the second name?
Caller 2:            Mr Andrew Mutiso, the Human Resources Manager - apologies for not being specific. I am Alice Awuor from Frewer Ltd
HR Assistant: Not at all. Hold on for Mr Mutiso
(She does not even know who she is transferring – but I guess she is charmed by this seemingly familiar sounding courteous caller)
(How he sustain this sense of comfort that he has vested in the HR Assistant is what matters)

Less formal Intimidating Caller

Caller 3;            could    Ms Monica Masinde be in or could I reach her on the cell
HR Assistant:    Let me just transfer you to her. She is in
 (Caller 3 may perhaps not be having the cell phone number for Ms Masinde. The HR Assistant has been made to have a feeling that whether she passes the call or not, the Caller will reach the target recipient. This approach is indecent and can only be complemented with very good negotiation skills)

Other Less formal opening statements

§          Nick please
§          A quick one with Walter
§          Could I pass a quick message to Bob
§          I would be please if you could squeeze me a minute with Robert. It is important.

Tactfully get over the barriers. Do not intimidate your target respondent. Make up for any inaccuracies you might have accrued to get to the target caller.

Can we see what the conversations with the target call recipients would be? NEXT


  1. lol..great read,,,From this I can only judge that you work in a call centre!


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