Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Disappoints Interviewers in Good Candidates?

“I was so confident that I had the won the job. One of the panelists even had a slip of the tongue and mentioned things that suggested my orientation programme”. This is what Robert said in disappointment after he read his regret letter.
The reason that many ask is what else can fail me in an interview in which I am sure to have performed exceptionally well? Here are some sample reasons.
Difference is the work style priority – being overly structured than result oriented or otherwise. The balance between how systematic or bureaucratic one is determines suitability for employer expectation.
Failing to have a personal agenda – wanting to be given a job is different from targeting to acquire certain skills and competencies in a given job.
Lack of Self Assessment – when one lacks a personal assessment of themselves, they have no ability to use the job opportunity to acquire the scope of personal development.
Contrast Between Presentations – when the resume and cover letter give a better impression of yourself than your actual self during an interview, a prospect employer may suspect misrepresentation. If otherwise is the case, you may be deemed a good prospect who has no ability to present themselves effectively or are just unstructured or poor communicators.
Clash between priority and Rank – when you are pursuing a managerial role that requires that you work through people, yet you portray yourself to have the excitement to be hands on in delivering results, you might be perceived to be a potential micro manager or poor in delegation. Conversely, you need not project affinity to manage people when you have not exhausted perfecting your ability delivery results.

How balanced are you?

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