Tuesday, December 06, 2011


How much have you matured in your career search mindset? The following are typical statements that many who have taken initiative to make breakthroughs in their career search may say.

Which of the following statements best describes your position with career prospecting?

a)      I have not seen an immediate opportunity but I have a deeper and constructive knowledge about myself

b)      I no longer apply for just any job that contains by professional buzz words and I have some companies that I have chosen never to try working for. I know where my career needs to go and I cannot waste it.

c)      I am sure that my next opportunity will not be an advertised job. The success rate for my blind applications is very high. I have the instincts of prospecting for opportunities and establishing my case against them.

d)      I no longer have to prepare much for interviews and I enjoy most of what I go through during the sessions.

e)      I am happy that lately, the most common reason why I have not been able to be hired after interviews is either because I am relatively expensive or overqualified.

This is what it takes to be in charge - if one still has scope of a better career. Not everyone is interested in a better career and career search may not be a career by itself. Self contentment and sense of satisfaction in being able to resourcefully challenge against ones competencies is something to be proud about. All it takes is to know yourself and map how your abilities fit into the career direction that you want to take and all is done.

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