Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Two days ago a young girl of about 18 confronted me during our market visit in Dar es Salaam and asked me why we Kenyans kill each other. She could not understand why 'mandugu wanaweza kugeukiana na kuuana' (that brothers could turn against each other and kill one another. She went on to say that in Tz, the worst their leaders did was to squander and steal but that they would never do such a thing as kill another Tzdian. She continued to say that for that we Kenyans 'wamechukiwa kweli humu Tanzania...' (we are despised and loathed!) The young girl was not letting me answer or get away, she told me that if she were born  Kenyan she would never let anyone know she was a Kenyan. She would die of shame and self pity! And she could be right, we were shocked to discover that to visit any tourist site, the locals insisted on treating us like absolute foreigners while we could see clearly that other nationalities like Congolese and even Rwandese were being treated as locals. So we would pay like the Europeans or Asians e in the tours. Quite a lesson for me there.

anyway let me share with you this consoling video posted by my fb pal Ogongo after such a depressing talking to!


  1. I also watched another Luo Japanese and she was amazing, and so was the Luo mzungu woman. Some people jomoko yawa! I wanna learn Luo too.

  2. But don't we Kenyans also look down upon our brothers from across the border and generally think we are way better than them?


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