Wednesday, March 09, 2011

More Bragging rights!

Remember my post sometime ago about bright girls from challenged back ground? well the first such girl who we sponsored cleared her KCSE last year at Moi Girls Eldoret and the maiden scored a fantastic A plain! Am more than excited and this girl has given to us the best 'thank you' anyone can ever give in these circumstances. A plain was a great achievement. And now the next thing we are looking for opportunities for sponsorship in top universities both at home and abroad. Would you like to be part of this success and assist us in getting her admission to these Ivy league universities?

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  1. Congratulations man. I am proud of your project and proud of the A student. I hope all goes well and she gets into the university. I am sure she will get enough support to get her through. At the moment I can only offer moral support.


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