Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Superlative Service

Have you ever gone to buy a service and felt that you were underpaying for it or that there was a catch someone up the chain? Well I did when I went to see a doctor at the AAR clinic in Sarit centre. the ambiance was strangely different. After registering at the reception, I looked around for a suitable old, torn magazine that would help me pass time as I waited my turn with the doctor. Instead, I got an AAR newsletter which was also very recent. But before I could get to page two of the newsletter, I heard my name being called. wow that was fast. I went in to see a very friendly doctor who made me open up rather easily as he was very comfortable with me and did not contradict anything I told him even engaging me on a chit-chat on things completely unrelated to medicine or being sick. He seemed like he had known me for very long which actually prompted me to ask if he had ever worked in Kisumu where I lived most of my early life. From the doctor all the way to the lab and the pharmacy every one was rather welcoming and friendly and at each point I kept on asking myself whether I would be charged extra for the 'special service'. No they did not in any case the consultation was cheaper than the place I visit most of the times.

That kind of treatment is hard to come by in these parts of the world apart from at Standard Chartered West lands Branch where everyone normally seems to know me and what I would be looking for. Whats more, their seats for waiting are very comfy and they have newspapers for the day everyday. I have been with them for long and I know they are not charging me anything extra for their superlative service. Oh and another place I get that kind of treatment is carnivore. But then carnivore seems to have created their own customer service style and its expected theat they would treat you that well. I wonder where they get the energy to sing so enthusiastically for every patron celebrating a birthday, anniversary or first visit to Kenya. Only that they need to learn a new song to add onto the 'jambo bwana' gig.

By the way, they are about to export their model to Egypt. In fact, I met the guys who are going to be the manager and chief chef. They were in the country to learn the job first hand. Some Carnivore waiters will also be taken to Egypt briefly. This I guess would be the second export after the one in South Africa.

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  1. Don't you wish you could the the same about Safaricon?


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