Friday, February 06, 2009

Cashing in

It was during one of my many one-on-one sessions with my boss that we talked about the concept of cashing in. According to him, career development like investing should be run like a marathon. You can choose to cash in while at the head of the pack but the question is would you be happy in the long run. If you bolted like Bolt after the sound of the gun, would the likes of Wanjiru and Paul Target look at you worried? Maybe not. Sometimes its good to cool it off and wait for your wine to mature before serving.

But I have in mind many people who could have cashed in pretty early. For one even though he won, Obama in my secret subdued view could have jumped the gun. In fact i still have a feeling that winning is one thing but not the only thing. Its just like the examples my Boss was giving me of people who climb the corporate ladder pretty fast, then notice the glass ceiling and then opt out and go to climb in another place. In the long run they may not be happy. Get the job they would but perform or survive?

The other person I think is cashing in too early is one Eric Omondi. A very comical and likeable character in the Churchil Live show every Thursday. The media house has given him his own show, actually a rather prime time slot on saturday. My wonder is will he be able to hold us the way Churchil holds us glued to the screens? Will he make us want to go back and watch. Will people pack the carnivore for him the way they do for churchil live? Would it have been more prudent to stay on with Churchil just a little longer to get his endearment to the people.

Yet another guy in fact whome I pitty so much now is one Ababu Namwamba. In one short year, the young man has gone full circle of a Kenyan politician. from a nobody, to a bootlicker (for Raila) to a hero, to a heckler , villain and back to a nobody. At least after the shameful admision that he had lied to the republic about mama Lucy. By the way his allegations may hold some water and he could have been forced to 'apologise', but the fact that he did not have balls to stand by them and humbly ate his words is very telling indeed. You wonder who will take him seriously now. In fact rumours have started flying that he was part of the maize cartel!

But I pitty him becuase someone could actually be using him. One clever politician could have identified his raw youthful ambition and decided to use, abuse and dump him. Just like one Danston Mungatana. What happened to him by the way? He was the star of the nineth parliament having made a name for himself as the one who could insult Raila anywhere and anytime. Now there is no need to insult Raila and no one needs the poor little fellow anymore.

Even companies sometimes cash in too soon. And that was probably one of Uchumis greatest undoing. Even GTV. Deciding to sprint even before learning how to crawl was a dumb idea to say the least


  1. I pity Ababu, because he doesn't even realise it. Rather like Saito.

    We must all learn to go at our own pace rather than kamau's or onyango's

  2. Poor Ababu, Excellent academic qualifications but little or no common sense.
    I think Eric Otieno needed some time to mature before being given his own show.

  3. Poor Ababu, Excellent academic qualifications but little or no common sense.
    I think Eric Omondi needed some time to mature before being given his own show.alternatively, a large force of scriptwriters to add variety to the jokes.

  4. Eric Omondi's show didn't really dazzle me on Saturday, Odegle.

  5. The show is actually annoyingly stupid

  6. Forgive me but I never once thought Eric was funny even as a guest on churchill. I missed the Saturday premier due to unavoidable circumstances but I see I didn't miss anything funny after all.


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