Tuesday, December 16, 2008

shocks of my time

Three events in these recent days have left me bewildered. one is when a certain smart man, dodged presidential security detail to seat himself right behind the president in a national ceremony. He then heckled the head of state during a state function. In my culture, you don't interrupt even your own dad when he is talking to guests or before guests unless you are suicidal or insane! But indeed desperate times call for desperate actions, the man must have been pushed to the wall.

The second event was when the two principals (president and prime minister ) took a walk down the streets of Nairobi and were met with blank, derisive stares from wananchi. They say, the most difficult thing for a politician is to be ignored. people ignored the two. Only wondering why they had bothered to disturb the town's life by stopping traffic

Then there was the journalist who could not stand the international pariah president Bush, whose reckless belligerence thankfully led to us have the first ever black president elected in the US of A. I am trying to imagine what went through the head of that guy as he hurled the shoes at Bush. And you cannot say it was a spur of the moment since he quickly got another shoe. It means it was premeditated and he had probably removed his shoes prior to the action. It all shows that arabs cannot be stopped. last time they turned an airplane into a bomb now they showed the world that even a pair of shoes can be turned into a deadly arsenal!


  1. What would happen to a jamaa who throws shoes at kibz considering the jamaa (fred odhiambo?) was beaten up by kibz security detail!!!

    Its the 'traditions' that are destroying the country. SPEAK UP... kwani the elders are smarter than us?

    Its a new world... yes, get their advice but they are not know-it-alls (& neither are the youth)

  2. I consider neither Kibaki nor Raila my elder. So a few shoe-missiles for these two clowns would not be too bad!

  3. I think the whole world is just fed up with not being heard; and although I wouldn't personally throw a shoe for fear of causing serious bodily injury, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. On the other hand, violence only begets violence.

  4. I was cheering the throwers of words and shoes on for the effect it had on the leaders.
    Leadership is about listening to the led. Bush and Kibaki needed a lesson or two in that can't say I am very surprised they had it coming.

  5. Last year Dec, i posted an article
    They tasted Blood

    I think the people are on a roll but the politicians haven't seen it yet!

  6. Standing on the roadside to cheer politicians sounds so Moi-error.

    As for the shoe incident; Bush is one lucky fella- he only has to dodge shoes and questions, not bullets or roadside bombs. I would envy his position if I were Iraqi.


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