Sunday, March 18, 2007

weekend of carousal

after a heavy and busy week, i decided to venture off the arm chair and into the world of entertainement. first stop was numetro on prestige plaza. i was not able to get a good movie at the CBD, but the other problem was that at the CBD the concetration of young people was too high and that oddly reminded me that i was fast aproaching my sell by date. at the 20th fox, i was even invited by a model looking girl barely past teenage to attend semagandas(sp) seminars on how to become a millionaire overnight. the young man who appears on money matters on NTV is holding several trainings on how to join the 10% kenyans who own 90% of kenya.

at numetro, the movie wasnt starting till 6:20 so i spent the 1 hour i had in my hand walking along the aisles of nakumatt and admiring their fridges, plasmas and lether seats. i have never seen a 3 door fridge before. 3 vertical doors and almost 5 feat wide, why would any one have that in the house??? the movie dream girls was perfect and had my favorite names vis, eddie murphy, fox and beyonce. but i was captivated by the new talent called hudson, (or was is it her full cheeks and kissable lips) nice movie really . i love musicals. and the music in this one was perfect!

after the movie to one amaica restaurant at china centre, where i was welcomed rather cordially by a girl i had mistaken for a patron. given she was not in uniform and was dressed rather sexily. (i still remember the shape of her navel...) at amaica they had my favorite group kenge kenge doing their thing. i didnt stay though and after 2 hours, i was driving to deep west where 2 benga giants were having a go at each other.

my word, the place was packed to the brim. and there were all tarriffs of GMB (geneticaly modified butts) all of them held up in all sorts of jeans trousers.(like kombe kombe) what is it between kenyan women and jeans really? however those GMBs gyrated very rythmically and gracefuly to the endurinng benga beats. the two musicians sang non stop almost like a disco and i found that quite amazing. but even the music or the GMB or the beer could not stop me as soon i was again off to another strong joint along moi avenue, luck was out for lunch though and this time there was no parking. another joint on koinange street eased the nerves. inside there was the highest concetration of BSB (beauty saturated bodies) i have ever seen in one night. pple were watching some small girls in lingeries doing some erotic dances at the center. you could not move realy. as there was someone on either side. packed like a nyayo bus! i was soon hitched. i met a drop dead gorgeous mrembo who engaged me in a quite youthful dance to which i could not hold. she offered; nay she insisted to go any where with me as long as i parted with 3000 /= of my kenyan money which is currently suffering a bear run at the NSE. thank heavens for the small room, as that excuse helped me to quickly escape the power of the beauty before rushing to the comfort of my bed! but that was only to be after stopping at impala hotel on parklands road for some one man's guitar and mugithi. mugithi is nairobi's only dance where you are allowed to hold the waist of another mans wife from behind and move as close as you want! at this joint there were many large PSD (past sell-by date) women and men drunk-dancing to church songs mixed with other songs with realy lewd lyrics. one of them offered to give me a night of my life if I could buy beer and spare another 1500 for her taxi back home. (time to sneak again!)

as expected, on my way home , i met a number of cars which had either driven into pavements or roundabouts . and some which had hit each other. their young drunken drivers trying in vain to wake up and comprehend the situation.
a great weeknd in nairobi!


  1. That is Nai for you! Sheer mwenjoyo till the sun comes up! On a more serious note, I did read about alcoholism in Kenya and how it is rising and how women are the new victims.

  2. Very funny tale.
    Nairobi=social life to the max.

  3. Very nicely narrated i Loved the GMBs part

  4. you make me miss home!

  5. nai is deadly! people work hard and play hard! about the alcoholism, only problem is that beer and choma are the most important pastimes. but these days more and more people are opting to take taxis after drinking. but again you have to agree that nothing is better than kenyan beer

  6. hehehe that why people age speedy - lack of sleep and red eyes. seriously guys party too much in Kenya all day end day - i don't know how that affects productivity but i noticed everyone in Kenya has a side deal so after work they pursue this deals in bars even compete against ther own employers -- hehehe


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