Monday, March 26, 2007

Feel good weekend

last weekend was full of good feeling for being Kenyan Starting with clean sweeps in cross country races. the young Kenyans did us proud as expected and brought all the medals home. but they went further and won even the medal-less positions, 4, 6 etc. felt really good to see the perennial threat bekele bow out of the race beaten by the heat and humidity. it was reported that the Ethiopian fans broke down and cried like babies. by the way, is there any country which has dominated any sport the way Kenyans own this race? why then don't we just say Kenya is the greatest sporting nation in history? and by extension the greatest land?

the second good feeling, was seeing other Kenyan boys whipping Swaziland at nyayo national stadium. the arena was packed to the gate and the boys were great from the whistle. even though the team was hurriedly cobbled up, they played with purpose and focus that was not only refreshing but also inspiring. but i wonder why the KFF never wants to confirm Ghost Mulei as head coach and pay him what he deserves. the man has always delivered, but he never gets the support he deserves. KFF somehow still believes that only foreigners (read white) can coach football.

cricket results weren't as good, but india and Pakistan's elimination, shows that the competition was tough and that Kenyans having won one did us proud still.

another good feeling were reports that Kenyan finance minister made good his promise to woo investors from the Kenyans in diaspora. as also reported by Benin Epilogue. this was only after we suggested in this blog that we can always turn these brain drains to brain gains. great many returns are expected from this wise venture

more good feelings ; that finally, the NSE and CMA are working on making activities at the NSE more reasonable. the sale of 100 shares should not necessarily affect the price of 2 billion shares! funny that they never thought of this when the prices were heading north. adversity is a good thing.

Odegle tip of the day ...
this is actually a very good time to buy shares for the long term


  1. Odegle:

    Great post!

    You know, I just wanted to say that if anyone wants to know the basis or tenets behind what was taught at the Kenya Open 4 Business seminar all that they have to do is check out your blog. Your points are very keen and have a great deal of authority to them.

    So, just wanted to say that-you have a really wonderful blog and a following that is just as impressive.

    Also, thanks for the hat-tip too!

  2. Benin, those are very kinds words from you. thank you


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