Tuesday, May 15, 2012


There are many career seekers who consistently reach the final stages of interviews and yet fail to go through to be appointed. In a well structured competitive interview process, reaching the final stage means that any candidate selected among the group, cantechnically deliver the required results.  The issues to probe in the final stage are usually non technical and may include aspects such as person's working style, character, disposition and perhaps the chemistry with the panellists. Can you imagine probable discussions that may go on among the panellist to which some candidates may be dropped? Here are some.

Scenario 1

Panellist A: I guess, Richard is a technically suitable candidate, but at his age he will not fit the work environment. Staff will treat him like a parent rather than peer. This is not healthy for the consultative working culture we have.

Scenario 2

Panellist B: Karen's social life is glowing. I wish I can be that. I certainly think if asked to stay late to receive, say buyers from theUS, she will agree but her home sickness will be outstanding.

Scenario 3

Panellist C: Wambua has certainly cultivated a cordial and warm working relationship with staff in the two workplaces he has worked. He is bent towards a social worker than an authoritative Manager. We need someone who can turn tough when necessary.

Scenario 4

Panellist D1: Well, we did not probe him as much on hands on ability to be a mechanic. All I could pick is that his dressing was so flashy that I am not sure that the other engineers do not know here he buys his shirts. Perhaps he is a white collar wannabe.

Panellist D2: Hey, what's the problem with being well groomed?

Panellist D1: Nothing. Frankly speaking, I have been interviewing engineers for 18 years and they have consistently shown the same tendencies…..

Panellist D2: Being unkempt?

Panellist D1: Neat but not like, say journalists or bankers. Can you give my instincts the benefit of doubt?
Panellist D2: I have no choice. You will be the supervisor.

Scenario 5

Panellist E1: I liked Wendy from the beginning, until I noticed that she is manipulative. Did you notice she never answered any of the last six questions?

Panellist E2: Instead she rephrased the questions and answered her own.

Panellist E1: The worst we can do is hiring a politician.



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  1. An accurate description of what happens in the interviews. Every fresh graduate seeking a job should read this. It is not necessarily about skill or qualifications but how you handle yourself.


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