Friday, January 14, 2011

New Form 1 Selection

The businessmen are crying foul! The Minister Ongeri has just thrown a spanner to the works and disrupted their business plan by doing one simple thing: Changing the manner in which form 1 selection is done at least for National schools. The business of private schools is based on just one thing , national school enrollment. remove that from he equation and private schools become irrelevant. 

Am sure the good minister knows that the better solution would have been to increase the number of chances in these top institutions. eg like it was suggested that every constituency puts up 2 centers of excellence. But the prof is cleverer than that. He still wants more top schools but not at the govts expense. By blocking most of these 'rich' kids from the national schools, parents will be forced to opt for top private schools. meaning more and better private high schools will have to be set up. Which in my view is good for business. 

I think if Prof. Ongeris method is adopted, national schools will become less attractive as better equipped private high schools with better delivery will come up. Just like it has happened with early childhood education. Almost all parents take their kids to private schools at this level and they pay quite a tidy sum. Kids in some of those schools start learning primary school material way early and by the time they join class one they are miles ahead. the same may just happen with high schools. 

In my opinion the ministers move is good and should be adopted. 

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