Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kudos Safaricom Captain

Who am I not to offer a word of congratulations to the Safaricom Chief for increasing his companies market share in spite of the tough economic environment and stiff competition from 3 other global players. Indeed the staff and partners too deserve a big pat on the back! The results are indeed superb.

I must also hasten to add a pat on the Govts back for back pedaling on the punitive regulation it had introduced earlier. Indeed that regulation was as peculiar as other Kenyan habits that Mr. Joseph alluded to during his live presentation of annual returns yesterday morning. In Kenya somehow when you work hard and make money, you are forced to be apologetic about it. Kenyans encourage modesty and humility with a zeal bordering on the bizarre. If you are doing too well you must not say it and you must not show it. Thats why some friends of mine strip themselves of their nice clad when going to the villages for a visit. Some who drive strong cars even decide to take added risk by travelling by old rickety buses. Just to try and conform to a life of averages. I even know of a friend who is doing really well by any standards making close to a million a month in legit business but would not be caught dead in a luxury car. He would rather drive an old beaten B12 in order to 'fit in'

And this peculiar behavior doesn't stop with the mortals. Recently our local church has announced a new requirement by his Eminence John Cardinal Njue dividing the church in Nairobi into 3 classes. Those in class A will be required to submit to him 2 million shillings each year since their parishioners are rich. Those in class B will submit 1 million and those in the C class will be required to submit half M. And this is on top of the normal tithe and sadaka! Tell me if thats not punishing those who are struggling to raise their heads above the average!


  1. Why congratulate them & the dividends they paid were peanuts

  2. They paid 8 billion shillings! how is that peanuts? Thats more than even the net profit of the next high earner in Kenya.

  3. You're serious on the Church Classification exercise?


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