Thursday, January 28, 2010

What is going on?

Today the often funny discussions on radio caught my attention. A man with a strangely deep voice called in to say he was in deep distress. on prodding, he said that the issue was that 1. he was married 2. He was having extra marital affair with 15 other women. however his biggest problem was that of these 15, 13 are married with children!

He really sounded like a man in distress and intimated that he had tried in vain to change his ways to no success and he wanted help. But pray 15? whats more, he claimed that he never looks for these women. they come after him and he is too weak to resist. Which brings to light the stories they have been on and on about this week about women having gone on the overdrive and turned to be the hunters instead of the hunted. A number of them are calling in the radio stations to proudly talk about how they are cheating on their husbands with their cousins, friends workers etc. Which gives credence to that Jimmy Gathu campaign about mpango wa kando. And me am just left wondering for the life of me what has suddenly gotten to the fairer species. the angels are fast becoming devils what will the devils be?


  1. I can't pretend to know or explain what's going on, but I doubt it's new. I don't condone cheating, but I think it's not always been a preserve for men, assuming majority of the cheating men have always cheated with women.

    The man had a deep voice? Many women find that sexy.

  2. Odegle, no offence, but i do believe that all those people who normally call during the morning shows, are paid to give in the most 'ear catching' and 'sensational' stories so as to keep listeners glued to their radio sets and call in to push up the radio show ratings. As much as some people do cheat, the stories are just plainly 'made up'.

  3. @pkw , nice to know that hehe

    @Reddings, could be true

  4. Odegle...I think women have become more outspoken about their sexuality and they are willing to openly discuss their indiscretions regardless of the consequences. We have been used to women being very they are speaking out and we are shocked!
    The good thing is: there are faithful women out there just like there are faithful men out there.

    It all depends on what one is looking for.

    lol! you are right 15 is extreme

  5. I think he was just playing Tiger Woods. Besides,15 women over what length of time? 15years or 1 month?

  6. @mtaani, he is having 15 women concurrently even now


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