Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Conflicts of interest

Right at the time when one Raila Odinga Amolo was being given ultimatum on the Mau and indeed being threatened that his support from the Rift Valley is gone due to his quest to reforest the largest water reservoir, one good government spokesman was telling Kenyans that the government plans to make our lives better by cutting down trees and clearing 'bushes' to make the city in the sun really a city in the sun. we surely have a government of conflicts! It plants and destroys in equal measure.

But am intrigued by a post by one Mr. Gathara, asking if we indeed require a new constitution. am intrigued because i answered this same question in another forum almost 8 years ago. the priest who was taking us through the session almost excommunicated me from the great catholic church. but i have always held that a constitution to Kenyans is as good as picket fence to a wild bull on heat. People break the current laws with impunity so what will be different?

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