Monday, March 30, 2009


The last Friday was heavy with anticipation. Lots of things were happening on the weekend and when my good nephew called me to find out how I would schedule the weekend, I decided to outsource the decision to him. He decided that the star's game would be a must watch since we would be beating Tunisia, then the Kenyans also had to be watched taking the Hong Kong series as well as the cross country. All that was then to be celebrated with Osogo Winyo live that evening!

The day started well as anticipated. It was cool and even had drizzles. but then at the time of the game I went to do job rounds instead of the match. The coca cola stadium was really packed judging from the cars outside. But had duty called so I just passed by. Then after I got called for a fund raiser at garden square which ended kinda late. By which time I already understood that Kenya had gone down 2-1 at home. I also missed the rugby match and the other one but decided that the last leg of Saturday would not go unchallenged so I went to osogo winyos concert. I had never seen the guy but had heard so much of him so I was excited. The place was already packed but I managed to get a seat. curiously most patrons today were rather young with hanging jeans, funny canvas shoes and strange tops. They were in such a mood. a number had rugby shirts on. I thought one of us were in the wrong place. osogo=ohangla=elderly peoples music! disappointingly, it was Musa Juma who started with rhumba and he hogged the stage for almost 4 hours. towards the end of those he was actually being booed by the young crowd who were shouting 'Osogo!' Well finally his team started setting up the stage but he was no where to be seen. The crowd shouted louder then he finally appeared. He did not look the part. In fact had he come for one of those Kenyan reality tv shows, I would have told him to try another career other than music even before he opened his mouth. He is very short and was even putting on a funny kaunda suit and sports shoes!

But when he really did open his mouth, he brought the house down! The young people poured onto the dance floor in ecstasy, every one was up as Osogo went through the numbers. and I realized one why people love heroes. somehow they bring out the hero in us since at that point several people tried to join him on stage to show us how well they could dance or just to to be seen with him. others converted their mobile phones into cameras. For sure I will never judge a book by the way he is dressed! Another thing I realized was why young people love the guy. Somehow his kind of modern ohangla is novel. its faster, vigorous and has many different sounds. In fact its quite close to the original ohangla sound mostly found in Ugenya and Siaya. I got tired after a short while and went back to the seat to watch the young show us how 'our' music should be danced.

But soberly though, our harambee stars team did me proud. They went down alright but they played quite well judging from the replays. What we need now is patience with the coach, put our management in order and wait for results. Even the rugby sevens has come a long way.

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