Monday, October 27, 2008

Waki - opportunities

Political entrepreneurs could right now be laughing as they draft their business plan. The Waki report that has hit hard on some key pretenders to the crown has provided an unmatched opportunity. That's why i keep wondering where the proponents of grand opposition are holidaying. there will be no other time to show their relevance like now. This is the time for them to stage an Obama and upset the apple cart once and for all. Normally opportunities to rewrite history don't come too often. But what presented itself to Raila and Ruto in 2002 to put paid the career ambitions of the likes of Saitoti, Biwot and Kalonzo, being the clamor for constitution and change is now over and the likes of ababu have a new great frontier to exploit. they can now push the idea of Grand opposition and take the game to Raila and Ruto by pinning them down on integrity and accountability. With this report, it will be an uphill task trying to revive those careers of the likes of Uhuru and Saitoti especially if it goes to the Hague and that's how Martha too will get her big break.

However Ababu Namwamba and his colleagues of the Grand Opposition have not even hinted a position since the Waki report came out.

By the way, what happens to the awards of honorary doctoral degrees awarded the other day to the principals after Waki revealed that death and destruction in Naivasha and other places were planned in state house?


  1. what about the deaths of the children and women burnt in a church in Eldoret? Were they too planned at the state house?

  2. OD,

    If the internet "list of shame" I read is anything to go by, I am now convinced that none of the morons who sit in parliament can save this country. The list of sponsors of violence (and the narratives on the vicious planning and execution of the evil acts that Kenya was subjected to - offensive, retaliatory or otherwise) squarely puts PNU and ODM in the mix of things.

    If I had my way, the principals of the two parties would be the first ones on the dock at the Hague.

    With regard to the Post-election violence, my fear is that there are only two groups of politicians in Kenya: those who sponsored, encouraged and sustained the violence AND those who kept quiet as it happened or feebly gave a show of trying to cool things down.

    I am thus not too keen to elevate the "Grand Opposition" proponents to the positions of the long awaited - Messiahs?


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