Wednesday, June 11, 2008

chase the fox ...warn the chicken

my condolences to the family of the ministers who perished yesterday in a plane crush.

having said that i beg to ask; aren't we having too many plane accidents lately? in an earlier discussion today with a friend of mine, it came out very clearly. in fact he was rather candid. That Kenyans like taking shortcuts, unfortunately, some shortcuts cost lives. However someone said that it was 'their day'. It was God's divine plan for the ministers to perish in the crush. i find that rather lame. but bottom line, something gotta give. we must become a little more careful and do things right.

And of Safaricom shares, what does one make of the scenario. high demand, low supply low price. beats all logic of economics!

another beaten logic has been advanced by lost white chick using one culture to analyze another behavior. its like someone wondering why the turkana go hungry yet they live in the shores of lake turkana when the pokot have decided to become Chinese and added rats into their menu. they will have to battle it out with cats now. I saw however that the people and their kids looked rather healthy. Rats must be good for you. By the way, are rats wild animals? if you kill and eat a rat, would the Kenya wildlife have issues like if you killed a zebra for lunch?

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  1. No i dont think KWS would have a problem with us eating rats.As long as you dont hunt them ina game reserve.


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