Tuesday, February 06, 2007

points, points and more points

this entry is rather late. i should have posted it when safaricom launched their bonga points sometime last week. or was the other week. there is just something about loyalty programs. i know KQ has one ans so does nakumatt. in fact for me i enjoy shoping at nakumatt only for the points. i always feel like am getting back something in return for my purchase. safaricom has however decided to be more generous and are awarding their subscribers 1 point for every 10 shillings. (nakumatt awards 1 for 100) safaricom promises to have in place a very robust and exciting reward program once customers acrue enough points. thats very nice to hear. with nakumatt points i have ever bought shoes, clothes and even done some shoping for myself. how is that for discounts and reward. right now i discovered that they have included mobil filling station as part of their prgramm so when u fuel at mobil you get awarded points though at a meaner rate of 1 for 250. other good things of such programs are that they help u quickly find out how much you are spending on certain things. eg if you find that you have 5,000 safaricom points at the end of the month, you may not want to rejoice since it means that your monthly expenditure on calling is 50,000!

well if that 50,000 translates into some good business and/or benefits then you dont have to worry.

Be that as it may, february which is world reknown as the red month of love is here. and since the NSE is sliding anyway, you can take a break as suggested by 'panelists' in stockskenya and take out your significant other. that doesnt mean breaking the piggy bank only. it may mean selling your kengen allocation or your priced eabl shares to treat her. (its always her isnt it?) trating a lady does not come cheap. but the panelist who brought that up got her fair share of criticism. but give it up to the lady, women actualy are the ones who make the world go round forget the sun. galileao lied!

elsewhere investors are trying hard to find what to make of the erratic behavior of the NSE index of late. it went up early january when everyone expected a downturn and even crossed the forbidden 6000 point mark, only for it to come tumbling down on a free fall akin to the fall of a dictator. but if you have watched migration of gnus in the maasai mara then you would not be suprised at the behavior of the NSE.


  1. Od, gave up on loyalty pts schemes as the ones they had in the Uk were very mean-u had to have surrendered a million before you had enough pts for a shirt.
    That gal on stockskenya got a lot of stick for interrupting guys when they were busy losing money.
    I think the current "correction" is just a blip with a parents selling stock for secondary and a few profit-takers. March/April should see stocks up. Saying that, I think the ODM and the NARC nonsense is making pple uneasy i.e. it doesn't look that clearcut.

  2. Mainat ; you have put it so crisp! but i like that line of ...interrupting guys when they were busy losing money!

    normally the downturn is expected at about this time. but this year may be a little upredictable given the elections later in the year.

  3. Apparently the new catch phrase on the streets is that talking on the Safaricom network is no longer pointless...

  4. The 1 for 10 bob is like an "investment" on buying air time to receive a discount of 10%. Which ever way you look at it, that can be good for Safaricom.

  5. Odegle, the reward system is good, but then safcom are yet to tell us how much each point is worth and how to redeem. I think it was a trategy to counter Unoja kwa Jamii an also try to share part of the 12b profit!

  6. i think we need to hold our horses. normally when firms introduce loyalty programs they wait for sometime before they start redemption. bonga has not been in the market even 3 weeks yet so we should not hurry too much. remember its safaricom we are dealing with here so am sure something really juicy is in the pipeline!

  7. I checked out the Vodacom site, for their loyalty promo, for 150 - 750 points, redeem them for equivalent sms or discount calls, over 1000 points traded for selected phones. More here: http://www.vodacom.co.za/pkgcr.do?action=getpkgmenus&pkgTypeId=2&pageId=8


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