Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Of Wikileaks and security

I must admit , I am a bit confused with arguments on the wikileaks story. If I were a judge hearing this case, I would quickly disqualify myself. However I still find it quite intriguing. Who is at error here, is it Assange (whose name the west finds hard to pronounce) or is it the diplomats? On the one hand you could even say neither. Why because, everyone is entitled to his own opinion and the opinion of the diplomats about their missions is just that, their opinion. Wikileaks had no business leaking this to the world. Its in my view stupid, juvenile and outright irresponsible. Everyone has secret thoughts and its natural and God given. If God wanted all of us to know what others thought about us, he would have made us super people capable of this very thing. In fact I think the cables on what other diplomats think of US may be worse than what we have been reading so far. This story of Assange reminds me of my primary school days when some naughty boys would be carrying small broken mirrors to school for purposes of placing them under the girls skirts during assembly. The poor unsuspecting girls would then be the target of these boys and their cruel jokes. Well even in my high school there were boys who would carry cameras to school and target the female teachers when they dropped their guard even for a second and snap away. In short, Assange was and is probably a voyeur. Voyeurism is big business in the western world. to know just type that word in google.

But then again, how could the super power be so careless! I dont really care what they said and even how they said it. They could have been more blant if they so wish its their opinion. But please you know what goes on in the world today. You must protect your data! I am sure the guy in charge of  information security is having it hot on the collar. Maybe there is even some strong blame game going on right now. Maybe the vendor of the security software has already stated that protection from wikileaks was not in scope of the project or that the module was not purchased or that its coming in the next release. However what has happened now must open new efforts. Stronger efforts to stem this issue. It is actually good business for IT security vendors.

What wikileaks just did is both bad and good. bad in the sense that at a time when we are beginning to depend so much on the web and remote administration, work and even  health care, he has just cast doubts on that ability. Strong doubts. But those doubts are the good he did, because by opening them up to the public he makes us more secure. It would have been worse if only a handful of enemies of humanity had this information and used it for their own good. Now we know our soft underbelly and we can put some effort to protect it!

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  1. Mr. Odengle, first I think it should be clear that it is not Wikileaks who leaked the cables, the cables were leaked by someone in the US government. Wikileaks did not hack into the American security system. Wikileaks just published them. You need to read more about the work of wikileaks to understand what it is they do. I did not hear anyone cry in 2007 when they published the Kroll report...such hypocrisy!


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